Workout Program Bundle
Workout Program Bundle
Workout Program Bundle

Workout Program Bundle

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Our Workout Bundle features the following:

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This Glute God Workout Guide Book Comes with all 3 Programs.
1.) Glute God Booty Guide
2.) Glute God Booty Guide Version 2 
3.) Glute God Full Body Workout Program
This Guide Book will provide everything you need to help you get into the best physical shape of your life.  
Comes with supplement recommendations, nutrition tips along with weekly check ins.


GLUTE GOD Booty Bands
are a high quality 3-band pack of anti slip
fabric bands which comes with
light, medium and heavy tension
designed specifically for Glute training
with variations of intensities
that will allow you different
ranges of motion to target
the fast twitch muscle fibers.
One of the best ways to pop the Glutes.